Lead Team Leaders to Develop Business Strategies and Governance Management


WSQ/SDF,SkillsFuture Credit
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2 Days
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* A module of Leadership & People Management (LPM) WSQ qualification

A critical function of a manager involves the understanding of the organisational goals and strategies, and translating these focuses into actionable departmental plans on a daily basis.  At the same time, he must be aware of the organisational policies, philosophies, guiding principles and values which direct how his team is to carry out their work.  Through the process, the manager will be able to establish a clear direction of where the team is heading, communicate the top priorities for his team to focus on, and engage them on an ongoing basis to better deliver the desired results.

This programme is designed to provide leaders and managers with practical insights, step-by-step guide, and tools which can be used to develop their department strategies and operation plans, identify desired organisational behaviours and governance compliance requirements for their team members to follow, and to lead and influence their team effectively towards attainment of shared team goals.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Establish department strategies and operational plans
  • Lead their teams effectively to comply with the requirements of organisational policies, philosophies, guiding principles and values
  • Provide clear direction and guidance to their teams to drive achievement of team results
  • Engage their team members effectively through building of an open, continuous learning and high-performing culture

What you will learn?

1. Introduction to Strategic Management

  • How is strategic planning carried out
  • How to establish organisational goals and strategies
  • How to develop department strategies which align to organisational strategies
  • How to identify relevant metrics for measuring performance

2. Developing operational plans

  • How to develop an operational plan for your team that aligns to your department strategies
  • How to mitigate common risks which affect team performance

3. Developing effective corporate governance

  • What is corporate governance and why is it important
  • How does corporate governance impact the way teams carry out their work
  • How can I lead my team to comply to the governance requirement

4. Providing direction and guidance to teams

  • What roles do my team leaders play
  • How to engage my team effectively as a leader
  • How to build a high performing team
  • How to build a learning culture

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) who have yet to lead a team but are interested to be future-ready for the opportunity
  • Managers who are new to leading teams
  • Existing managers with no formal training in setting department strategies or operational plans within their teams
  • Seasoned managers who wishes to improve the way they set their department strategies or engage their teams towards achievement of team goals


The training programme will be delivered through a combination of e-learning, interactive short lectures, class exercises and discussions, case-studies, guided reflection, role plays and various learning activities to achieve the desired learning outcome.

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EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd

EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd, formerly known as Effective Outsource Networks, was established in 1996 and specialises in providing human capital consulting and training services to organisations in Singapore.

It has helped organisations improve on day-to-day human resource operations through three main areas of support, namely, information service, consulting and training.

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