There is never a better time to start learning with SkillsHub.

With SkillsHub, learning has never been so simple before.







One time form filling

Instead of repeatedly fill up the same information for every training that you signed up, you may fill up only one time with you signed up the training with SkillsHub


Deal with one party only

Different trainings have different training providers. Instead of dealing with multiple parties, deal with SkillsHub only to meet your different training needs.

Confirm your booking immediately

Once you have proceeded with the checkout, your booking will be confirmed immediately.


Safe and Secure Platform

We are mindful about the data you have with us and have since took extra precaution to protect it.

One stop place for all your training records

Regardless of whether the training is short term or long term, funded or non-funded, company-sponsored or individual-sponsored, you can keep track all the records with SkillsHub.


Improve knowledge with the articles and news

Even though you might not have decided to attend training, visit SkillsHub to keep yourself updated with the articles and news that will be consistently uploaded.

Easier to find training with unique search algorithm

A unique search algorithm is created to be more direct and easier to find the training that you are keen to attend.


Make better decision through rating and feedback

You can make a better decision by finding out the quality of the training and training providers through the rating and feedback.

Clueless how to apply the funding

Do not know how to apply the funding for your training? No worries. We provide dedicated service to assist you.


Understand the cost saving within clicks

We have created a system to auto calculate the available funding and cost saving to attend a training.

Save times and reduce procedures

Stop wasting time to google or visit different websites to register a training. Everything can be found and registered immediately in SkillsHub.


Quality of training provider

Even though we are keen to become the largest platform with highest number of courses and training providers, we value the quality deliver to our users. All training providers have went through a selection procedure before they are listed in SkillsHub.